How Can I Find A Rental Property?

Can a Century 21 Rivera Realty Agent help me?"  The answer is YES.  While not all Agencies will assist people with rentals, the most professional Agencies such as, Century 21 Rivera Realty will. We look at our business as helping people with their real estate needs, and helping a tenant is certainly part of that.  Our agents help tenants find homes to live in, and even represent them in the transaction, looking out for their best interests.

There are plenty of places on the internet to find homes to rent.  With all of these avenues, one would think that you would not need a Realtor.  However, consider these points:

  • If you hire a Realtor to help you, you are dealing with one person to arrange all of your showings.  It is much more effective than trying to schedule multiple people on multiple properties.  It is only one phone call for you!
  • In most cases, it is FREE!  The landlord pays the agent's fee!
  • The agent will have access into the Multiple Listing Service, which allows access to hundreds of local properties.
  • It can save you time and money by being a much more efficient process.
  • In a tight rental market, you will get professional advice and strategies on how to find the home you want.
  • Although a generalization, many landlords who hire agents are more likely to comply with housing laws and follow the correct procedures for a rental property.
  • Another generalization is that many landlords prefer a tenant that is working with a Realtor, as it usually means the tenant is better qualified and has been thoroughly screened.
  • You will have someone to guide you in the process and look for warning signs that things are not right. There are instances where a landlord got the tenant to pay a year's rent up front and took off and stopped making mortgage payments.  That should never have been done to begin with.  While using a Realtor does not prevent unethical conduct by a landlord, it reduces it's likelihood.

Our team is happy to help tenants out, and we serve as a resource for the tenant anytime they have questions or a need in the future.  Often, our tenants call us when it is time to buy a home.  We at Century 21 Rivera Realty pledge to be there every step of the way.

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